Playlist: Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Day playlist for late-morning social hour and Thanksgiving dinner.

Playlist: Noir

A playlist inspired by film noir that’s great for late-night city driving and chill vibes in the evening.

Playlist: Formula 1

A playlist to get me excited before and during the Formula 1 season.

Logo Project Questions

Thinking about creating a new logo for your church or organization? Below, you will find a series of questions to consider and answer. Underneath these questions are notes based on my experiences with other churches and basic information that is related to that particular question.

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Graphic Design for Worship and Outreach

This article originally appeared in the July 2015 newsletter, “Worship the Lord,” published by the WELS Commission on Worship.

Visual communication is a vital part of how we interact with the world around us and it is also an important method by which we connect the people and the gospel in worship. Spectacular art, architecture, stained-glass windows, paraments, and vestments are used within the worship space because visual art has a powerful impact on our minds. Visual communication has been embedded in the life and culture of the Christian church for centuries, and in today’s digital age the need for excellent visual communication remains.

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